Warning Signs of a Failing Differential

March 26th, 2018 by

There are several signs that a knowledgeable driver will recognize as differential issues. The first sign comes when you notice a small amount of differential fluid or gear oil around your differential housing. The fluid could indicate a leak in the differential housing gasket or the output axle bearing. In either case, a small leak turns into a large leak as the miles add up. Eventually, you will find puddles of oil beneath your differential.

Another sign is a rattle or clank from the differential area when you slip your vehicle into gear. It sounds like that indicate a universal joint failure that is throwing the gears inside the differential into a different angle changing alignments within the differential.

A grinding sound from the differential while driving is a sure sign of differential failure. Bring your car to our service center here at Bryden Motors in Beloit, WI immediately to have your differential checked for damage by trained technicians.
Source: Bryden Motors

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