Ram ProMaster Has Capability Features Business Owners Appreciate

July 16th, 2018 by


Why is the Ram ProMaster cargo van getting so much attention from business owners these days? Compare these capability features with those in other vans.

The big benefit of having the front-wheel-drive system in the Ram ProMaster cargo van is that it allows for even more hauling space in the back. This type of system breaks down less, and it gives the driver the opportunity to be able to navigate through crowded streets or busy loading zones with ease.

Other business owners appreciate the 36-foot turning diameter of the Ram ProMaster cargo van because it helps to cut down on travel time in a crowded city. Moving in and out of tight areas quickly means more delivers and pickups are being made.

If you can visit Bryden Motors today, you’ll have the chance to take the new Ram ProMaster cargo van for a test drive to see these capability features in action.

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