Keeping Your Vehicle Fully Fueled is an Important Part of Winter Maintenance

January 19th, 2018 by

As temperatures and conditions fluctuate wildly in the winter months, it is important to keep all fluid levels full, but one that is of greatest daily impact is your fuel system.

During the winter months, your fuel system fights the elements just as much as any other part of your vehicle. Due to the high ethanol content in today's gasolines, condensation can easily occur in your fuel system. The more air in your tank, the more likely there is to be condensation. When frigid air hits the water from the condensation, it can create ice in your fuel system. And, an iced over fuel system is not going to go far.

Combat this by making sure that your gas tank is full in the winter months. Do this and your car is guaranteed to thank you. Come and see our knowledgeable staff at Bryden Motors to help you find car of your dreams this season!
Source: Bryden Motors

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